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Batty Presents

Creative Partnership

Ant and Dec, Holly and Phil, Paris and Nicole, Vivienne and Malcolm, Genesis
P-Orridge and Cosey Fanni Tutti; the best things come in pairs, and Batty Presents is the newest addition!

Becky + Hattie = Batty and as ‘creative wordsmith’ and ‘image architect’ we are here to bring the fun, enthusiasm and battiness to answering your creative needs.

We are a full service creative agency, offering writing, photography, filmmaking, graphics, branding, website design and events.Our partnership offers the images and words for whatever you so desire, and while Becky Burgum focuses on writing and Harriet James-Weed on photography and graphics, there has been a natural morphing of vision, after honing our talent at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

When 2 become 1, the energy and ideas are endless, shown by previous projects including the successful launch of our magazines Fourplay and Galchester, and interviews with indie-band, Trudy and the Romance and R&B singer-songwriter, Olivia Louise.Commission us to interview and shoot a new band!

Call on us for millennial insight as to why you are not reaching your target younger audience! Definitely put us forward to present a remake of ‘T4 On The Beach’ – the realm of Batty Presents knows no bounds. Drop us an email if there is a project you would like to work with us on at

batty adjective -tier or -tiest slang 1. insane; crazy 2. odd; eccentric
Word origin: 1903 it became "nuts, crazy" from the expression ‘to have bats in one's belfry’, refering to someone who acts as though they have bats careering around their topmost part, that is, his head.


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