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For The Gram

Casting, Art Direction, Cinematography, Editing

What extent of your true self would you expose For The Gram?

Cast through Instagram, For The Gram takes six ‘ Insta-famous’ street wear ‘hype-beasts’ and puts them, quite literally into the spotlight, examining their views on the digital
sub-culture that has moulded their online personailty.

As visual consumers, we now expect everything to be concise, edited and seamless. Playing on the idea of the edited self, and taking reference from Instagrams fifteen second insta-story video limit, each peronality has ony fifteen seconds or less, but no longer to converse with the viewer. They may be cut off mid-sentence, their time is up.

For The Gram examines the idea of self-curation, the importance of the ‘fit’, the sock height and what a combination of labels says about you. 

 With instagram stories disappearing in twenty-four hours, the ease of an unfollow in one tap, For The Gram brings to light how these communities win the loyalty of their followers and what exactly does loyalty mean to them.