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Fourplay Magazine

The issue with modern love

Editor and Creator


Fourplay Issue One offers an honest documentation of the pre-lude to a relationship in the fourth industrustrail revolution ; the digital.

Fourplay magazine reflects the complexities surrounding the ever- evolving landscape of dating in the digital age. Featuring documentary-style content curated with a strong satirical flair, it is an account of how technology acts as a vehicle for modern
day affection.

Fourplay features  contributions from a network of like minded writers and content producers. Exploring thought provoking themes that instigate various ‘aha’ moments of realisation. Fourplay’s account of dating in the digital world heralds a wider conversation on how mobiles are shaping our society, our lives and more notably the notion of the core pillars of love (or the lack thereof).

Fourplay explores our obsession with the presentation of our best self and the worth of others, body self-representation (covering the male mirror selfie) and how we portray ourselves romantically, along with the present-day trend of ghosting. A relationship is now between four, you your phone, your loves,
and theirs.

“‘Foreplay’ is the act ‘before’ the final deed, a lead up, something easy to end and not as good as the real thing, the real and full intimacy of sex – and that is what ‘FOURPLAY’ is. An examination of the ‘before’ and our inability to arrive at a decision or a commitment in a world so full of abundance of choice with unlimited opportunity, that has made the capacity to conclude disappear.”

- Harriet James-Weed